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Austin Jackson

Cheif Executive Officer

Austin Jackson was born in the most unique city in the world, New Orleans. With a love for music, business and advertising, I began pursuing my passions at a young age. Music became the first passion I fell in love with and I joined every band I could at a young age. I was also in love with Hip-Hop so I decided to transition from marching band to instrumental music. After Hurricane Katrina hit New Orleans in 2005, it sealed my fate as a performing musician. I dedicated myself to the craft of music production. I attended Full Sail University shortly after graduating from Evans High School in Martinez, GA. College was great as I met new people who were like minded. I decided to start recording all the songs I was writing and pitch them to other artists. I focused on my craft and eventually decided to combine my love for music, entertaining, advertising and business to create SLife Creative. At the moment we are recording Season 1 of our flagship show Sunday Dinner.